At Drug Free ADHD, we exist to help you to turn your ADHD into an asset without having to rely on medication.

Natural, skill-based strategies over prescription-based solutions.

Through a this weekly newsletter, alongside talks, training, and coaching we help you harness the natural creativity and energy that come with ADHD.

Our mission is about embracing your unique wiring and learning how to leverage it effectively. This is a supportive community where you can learn, grow, and interact with others on the same journey.

We see a world where ADHD is not a disability, but a different ability, which when harnessed correctly can lead to amazing things.

Discover with us how to tap into your untapped potential, all while being Drug Free.

We're here to guide you every step of the way - because we believe in skills (not pills).

About me

I’m Joseph Pack.

Started my first company at 21, a marketing agency with global clients: Patagonia, adidas, NHS.

In 2016, I suffered five seizures due to burnout and 10x coffees a day.

Year-long depression followed until an ADHD diagnosis in 2017, explaining the seizures and work addiction.

Sold the company in 2017, travelled to Asia to “find myself”.

In 2018, became co-owner of a rapid growth fintech startup, working from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Denmark, fundraising and growing the company.

Joined The Tech Dept in 2021 to help impact startups do good at scale.

In 2022, founded drugfreeadhd.org to provide coaching, training, and speaking for people who want to manage their ADHD with skills (not pills).

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Essays on managing ADHD with skills (not pills)


Joseph Pack

Essays on managing ADHD with skills (not pills)